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Just Tom is Tom Thorney and friends.

Our team believes in providing the best audio experience, no matter what the project, so we put our website on vinyl. You can’t hear it right now, but it’s pretty great. Click listen on the right to get the full experience.


Stock Library

We have one of the most extensive stock music libraries in North America, with thousands of tracks sourced through an unrivaled worldwide network of expert composers.

Original Music

We know Shift+4 is king. By paying upfront, we get the world’s best composers and songwriters to help bring your ideas to life.

Sound Design

Our extensive work in film and TV has us aligned with the top sound designers in North America. Hit listen on the right to hear what we can do.

Music Licensing

We’ve placed thousands of tracks for television shows, movies, and advertising, and have long-standing relationships with publishing companies and record labels.

Voice Directing

Tom’s been directing celebrities, musicians, and voice over actors, union and non-union, for almost 30 years.


Musicians, actors, writers, producers, and clients love Tom’s low-key control. Having spent time in each role, he understands their unique needs. If you were listening instead of reading, you’d be hearing his smooth voice.

At Just Tom, we have over 30 years of experience crafting radio, TV, and more for a variety of clients.

Our combination of Canada’s best stock music library, and a worldwide network of accomplished composers and songwriters, means we create Canada’s best audio - period.

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